Userspace MLME in wpa_supplicant

Johannes Berg johannes at
Fri Nov 16 10:19:52 EST 2007


> I am quite new to WiFi and wpa_supplicant, and have been trying to enable management frame handling 
> in my wpa_supplicant-based application. I've been using the MadWifi driver, but started 
> experimenting with DadWifi today.

> My question is: what would be the best (easiest) way to enable userspace MLME in wpa_supplicant? At 
> the moment I get the following compilation errors when I try to compile wpa_supplicant with the 
> configuration option CONFIG_CLIENT_MLME=y:

You're not going to have much luck with this right now when using
dadwifi/mac80211 on Linux. It may be possible to do with the hostap
driver, but I haven't checked that.

Right now, there's nothing I can offer to make this work. If you really
want to dig in and fix this you can start at my patch series for hostapd
[1] but Michael Wu tells me that it doesn't make wpa_supplicant work and
I haven't tried so far. The plan obviously is to make it work, but for
me personally hostapd is higher priority since we have the in-kernel
MLME that works.


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