Multiple SSIDs on a single BSSID

Ben Greear greearb at
Wed Nov 7 10:54:23 EST 2007

Johannes Berg wrote:
>> I've implemented this in the Devicescape version, but it looks like it
>> was not merged into the open source version or at least not all parts of
>> it were merged.. I don't remember why, but this may have been because
>> multi-BSS support is superior to multi-SSID in almost everything and
>> there are some major problems in trying to use single Beacon frame to
>> support different security policies (many existing clients do not like
>> it at all if the Privacy flag or WPA/RSN IE in Beacon frame do not match
>> with the one in Probe Response for the SSID they are trying to use).
> Yes, I'm aware of these problems. I have to admit that I'm mostly
> interested in this to be able to exercise the VLAN code because I'm too
> lazy to set up radius and all the stuff to test vlan code. Also, we
> currently have no multi-BSS capable drivers.
I too am interested in virtualizing STAs.  I was hoping that ath5k might 
could be modified
to work in this manner, since I know that the atheros hardware can do it.

If someone has time & skills necessary to get these features into the 
kernel and
supporting user-space applications, I am willing to help fund their work...


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