Multiple SSIDs on a single BSSID (was: Multiple SSID)

Johannes Berg johannes at
Wed Nov 7 05:13:46 EST 2007

> > From the mac80211 perspective it is pretty trivial:
> >  - create a VLAN interface for each SSID
> >  - beacon with zero-length SSID
> >  - put stations into correct VLAN depending on the SSID they used in
> >    their association request frame
> >
> > If you need help with the kernel side I'm certainly willing to give
> > advice and help.
> This used to be supported in Devicescape code.. Was something removed
> from mac80211 to make this not work?

This is supported in mac80211, yes, but I don't see how it can be done
in hostapd. I was just giving an overview how you'd use the

> I've implemented this in the Devicescape version, but it looks like it
> was not merged into the open source version or at least not all parts of
> it were merged.. I don't remember why, but this may have been because
> multi-BSS support is superior to multi-SSID in almost everything and
> there are some major problems in trying to use single Beacon frame to
> support different security policies (many existing clients do not like
> it at all if the Privacy flag or WPA/RSN IE in Beacon frame do not match
> with the one in Probe Response for the SSID they are trying to use).

Yes, I'm aware of these problems. I have to admit that I'm mostly
interested in this to be able to exercise the VLAN code because I'm too
lazy to set up radius and all the stuff to test vlan code. Also, we
currently have no multi-BSS capable drivers.

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