Orinoco Gold Card (Hermes) as AP under Debian Etch?

Pavel Roskin proski at gnu.org
Sun May 13 20:16:00 EDT 2007

Quoting Edwin Whitelaw <Edwin.Whitelaw at nrvunwired.net>:

> I rather suspected that would be the answer but hoped there might have
> been some "secret" module that support AP mode.  I've used these PCMCIA
> cards in Lucent CORs and AP1000s with great success and hoped they might
> still have some utility.  I guess they do, just not this way.  :-)
> Thanks for helping me not waste any more time.

The "secret module" is called HermesAP.  It was discontinued long ago, and I
think it supported Linux 2.4.x only, but one should be able to get it working
with enough time and persistence.

Pavel Roskin

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