Orinoco Gold Card (Hermes) as AP under Debian Etch?

Edwin Whitelaw Edwin.Whitelaw at nrvunwired.net
Sun May 13 18:34:26 EDT 2007

I rather suspected that would be the answer but hoped there might have 
been some "secret" module that support AP mode.  I've used these PCMCIA 
cards in Lucent CORs and AP1000s with great success and hoped they might 
still have some utility.  I guess they do, just not this way.  :-)

Thanks for helping me not waste any more time.



Jar wrote:
> Edwin Whitelaw wrote:
>> I've googled and filtered the list regarding my attempt to use a 
>> Lucent (Orinoco) Gold 802.11b card as Ap under Debian Etch.  The card 
>> is in a Vadem-469 ISA bridge and I can get the hardware recognized 
>> but only using the orinoco_cs module. 
> It is not going to work. Hostap driver is not for Orinoco cards 
> (actually you should blacklist hostap driver, when using orinoco 
> driver). Correct driver for Orinoco pcmcia cards is the orinoco_cs 
> driver. Unfortunately orinoco_cs driver doesn't support access point 
> mode.

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