Issues adding variables to local_info struct

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Mon May 7 05:44:41 EDT 2007

Thanks a lot for your hint Jouni, it did help me to solve the problem.

I followed your steps and it eventually worked, though upon computer
restart, the issues reappeared. I did then a modinfo on hostap, and
discovered a weird path there, so I decided to remove it, and use insmod
to tell the correct path.

How that wrong path got there is something I've yet to find out, what I
can safely say is that it doesn't seem to be happening again anymore. Now
it works as it should.


> On Wed, May 02, 2007 at 11:42:34AM +0200, ahuguet at wrote:
>> following the recommendations received through this mailing list, I've
>> tried to declare variables that are interface specific, inside the
>> local_info struct that is in hostap_wlan.h file.
>> To that end, I edited the hostap_wlan.h file, and added:
>> struct sk_buff *last_data_rx;
>> just after struct net_device_stats stadevstats; inside the local_info
>> struct declaration.
> This seems fine.
>> However, seems that something more has to be done too, as when compiling
>> (no errors reported) and restarting the computer just so the new changes
>> take effect, the card is not recognized.
> I don't think this has anything to do with struct local_info change.
>> Dmesg shows the following messages, regarding hostap_cs (I've a PC card
>> in
>> a PCI slot, through a PCMCIA-PCI adapter):
>> [17179591.316000] hostap_cs: disagrees about version of symbol
>> hostap_set_hostapd
> My guess would be that the hostap_cs.ko and hostap.ko modules you are
> trying to use are not from the same built.
>> If I comment the line struct sk_buff *last_data_rx; and compile, the
>> card
>> is recognized again.
> This sounds odd.. Are you sure that the modules were from the same build
> in both of these tests? Please add the last_data_rx line and make sure
> that all Host AP components are rebuilt (e.g., run 'make clean' and then
> 'make modules'). After this, make sure that none of the Host AP modules
> are loaded (lsmod | grep hostap) and if any are, unload them with rmmod.
> Finally, load the newly built modules manually with insmod from the
> build tree just to make sure you are loading the correct version (insmod
> drivers/net/wireless/hostapp/hostap.ko; insmod
> drivers/net/wireless/hostap/hostap_cs.ko).
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