question regarding wpa_supplicant ant Intermec 2101

Johan johan.arens at
Wed May 2 16:11:40 EDT 2007

Hi There

I'm trying to figure out how to setup wpa_supplicant to authenticate
on an AP Intermec 2101, with the embeded radius server.

That AP supports EAP-TTLS, so I tried to configure my wpa_supplicant
like this :


       ssid="example 802.1x network"
       identity="user name"

without any luck. I got off course the ca from Intermec, but the AP
rejects all the time my logins, offcourse, that AP doesn;t have much
logs, so I don;'t know what going on.

Btw my client is an handheld device, AML M7100, so it's not easy to
debug properly.

I'm wondering if I'm the only one who ever tried to bind a linux
client to an Intermec AP.

Thanks in advance !!

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