[PATCH] hostapd: rename devicescape driver to nl80211

Johannes Berg johannes at sipsolutions.net
Mon Dec 24 05:32:16 EST 2007

> > This renames driver_devicescape.c to driver_nl80211.c with associated
> > changes to the registration files etc. It also moves things from the header
> > file that was originally shared with the kernel into the file directly,
> > those things will be removed gradually as time permits.
> Which version was this based on?

Something a bit after my patches. I rebased it though.

>  The end result did not built and this
> type of changes would be nice to handle in two different patches (i.e.,
> first change driver_devicescape.c and then rename in a separate change).

I could do that. But it'd be a lot of work for little gain. If you
really want that let me know, otherwise I'll send you a few new patches
that make driver_nl80211 almost usable.

> Is driver_nl80211.c correct name for this? I would assume this would be
> quite specific to net/mac80211 at least for the time being or would you
> expect this to work with non-mac80211 drivers?

For the time being it is, indeed, specific to mac80211. I would hope,
however, that non-mac80211 drivers can pick up the cfg80211 API (it is,
after all, easily implemented, see net/mac80211/cfg.c) and we can use
this driver with anything that supports it.

> I applied the change of moving definitions from heaser files into
> driver_devicescape.c, but with quite a bit of additional definitions
> included to allow this to be compiled. I did not apply parts that
> removed 'const' from couple of function definitions since they looked
> more like reverting something than desired changes. I did not rename the
> file.

Ah, ok. Yeah, I had a mistake there with the additional definitions and
removed some ioctls later. I'll rebase my patches on your current tree
starting with the rename then. The const bssid was indeed a "revert"
because you added the const in your version of the bssid patch and I had
this rename patch based on my original version of that (w/o const).


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