Preauthentication configuration

Leena Soman leenax at
Mon Dec 24 02:05:22 EST 2007

I want to configure my network so that my supplicant is able to
preauthenticate with an AP. For this,  I have 2 APs - AP1 - hostapd on Linux
and a Linksys  WRT54G -  AP2 , both with preauthentication enabled.  I have
configured both with the same SSID, the security policy being WPA2-EAP(TLS).
My supplicant gets associated successfully with AP1 and then I also see it
sending out an EAPOL-Start on the wireless interface, with the destination
mac address of AP2. But I don't see anything being received at AP2. Do I
need to configure the hostpad interfaces as a birdge? Is there any other
configuration that is missing for this to work.

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