hostapd memory leak when connecting to Linux wpa_supplicant

Ken Roberts ken at
Wed Dec 19 12:32:39 EST 2007

Jouni Malinen wrote:
> On Tue, Dec 18, 2007 at 10:26:48AM -0800, Ken Roberts wrote:
>> After the first halt, I did the following:
>> root at host# while /bin/true; do grep ^Mem /proc/meminfo ; echo "Sleep 2 
>> seconds"; sleep 2; done
>> and watched the Memfree entry drop like a stone
> That doesn't sound like something that would indicate anything
> particular about hostapd. Unless there is a clear sign that the hostapd
> process is using more memory, I would take a look at the madwifi driver
> that is taking care of associations.

Except the memory issue only popped up when I started hostapd. When I 
ran the same system as a station and wpa_supplicant, there were no 
memory issues - just connectivity issues between wpa_supplicant and  

Another issue that may be indicative of a non-hostapd issue is the flash 
drive I'm using may be getting flakey as well (crc errors on loading the 
kernel from a warm boot, for one).

At any rate, I updated the madwifi driver to the latest revision (r3065) 
and it appears to have fixed the memory and connectivity problem - still 
looking at some connectivity issues, but I'm still checking on that.

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