802.11i support in IBSS mode

Proger at web.de Proger at web.de
Mon Dec 17 15:44:39 EST 2007

Hi Nicolas,

I also currently working on a future implementation of 802.11i for IBSS mode. First implementation step I'm already finished is is to compile the test_wpa example.
For this I modified the make file in line 936 as follows:
# test_wpa: $(OBJS_wpa) $(OBJS_h)
#	$(LDO) $(LDFLAGS) -o test_wpa $(OBJS_wpa) $(LIBS)
test_wpa: $(OBJS) $(OBJS_h)
	$(LDO) $(LDFLAGS) -o test_wpa $(OBJS) $(LIBS)

Now I'm working on step 2 and step 3 as Jouni described earlier. So it will be nice if we could coordnate us and realise this task much quicker.
Further it will be nice if somebody have some addional hints for me which help us to realise this task.

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