hostap support for my card ?

ronald warsow rwarsow at
Sun Oct 1 10:10:24 EDT 2006

hallo pavel
thanks for reply

On Sun, 2006-10-01 at 03:12 -0400, Pavel Roskin wrote:

> > lspci -nv:
> >       1260:3890 (rev 01)
> > sub: 16a5:1605
> > 
> > a got this old prism based card 2 years ago and i'm not sure if
> > i'll get it running with wpa in some way.
> Quick search on Google shows that this card supports 802.11g, so it
> should be using the prism54 driver.

i know that and i run this card since 2 years.
that's not the problem, *wpa* is the question !
and *how* to do it.

> > the prism54 mailing list seems to be dead, related sites are not 
> > available since some weeks (dead links).
> is up. is down.
> > first of all:
> > is my card (prism III -iirc fullmac-) the same as the so called prism3 ?
> > or in general is it supported by hostap ?
> No, it's not prism 3 and it's not compatible with hostap.
> > if i read
> > i see the card is supported.

> The first sentence on that page is:
> "hostapd is a user space daemon for access point and authentication
> servers."
> You still need a driver supporting your card.

that card is able to act as an ap, but wep only.
this is the part from the site (just above download)
Supported wireless cards/drivers
      * Host AP driver for Prism2/2.5/3
      * madwifi (Atheros ar521x)
      * (Prism GT/Duette/Indigo)
      * ...

> > but if search through the list i can read it is not....
> > all a little bit confusing to me.

> It would be useful to provide links in such cases.  I don't know what
> you have found and whether it's correct.  After all, you are saying that
> you are confused, but you only give others your (confused!) perception
> of what you have read.

sorry !

okay. reading it now again - not in the night after 24h computering -
it's related to wpa_supplicant.

> > do i miss something or understand something wrong ?
> > can anyone point me to right docs/links ?
> > or give me a clear answer ?
> I think you are confusing hostap driver and hostapd utility.

this could definitifly be.

> You also forgot to state your goal.  You need hostapd if you want to run
> your card as a WPA enabled access point.  If that what you are trying to
> do?  OR you just want to make the driver work?  Then you should deal
> with the prism54 driver somehow.

the driver works, but i want/need wpa.
i coogled the web, i read a lot of questions from other users related
prism54 and wpa, *but* i never get a clear answer in sum.

mostly the question was without an answer !

so i came to hostap and as stated above: hostap has(???) driver support
for prism54 cards, but i can't get it running...

this card is *one* of the few which is in the kernel tree, but - it
seems to me - without the full support of all features.

under shitty M$ i have wpa support, under linux - again it's ~ 2 years
in the kernel tree - *not*.

*it is* confusing.


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