WPA authentication times out

Ben Gamari ben at mw0.ath.cx
Sun Nov 5 16:00:44 EST 2006

Oops, somehow I convinced myself that a 48k attachment would make it
under the 25k limit. Here is the bzipped log which should finally fit
under the cap. Thanks again (3rd time's a charm),

- Ben

On Sat, 2006-11-04 at 18:41 -0500, Ben Gamari wrote:
> Hey all,
> I originally sent this message last Wednesday but it was over the size limit
> and the moderator appears to be asleep at the wheel so I'm sending it again.
> I'll attach the wpa_supplicant log in another message (alone it's 48k). I 
> apologize if I'm clogging anyones mailbox but I've been wrangling with this
> bug for the last 3 months now and it's time it be resolved. I hope someone 
> has some idea. Message:
> Hey all,
> When I attempt to connect to my Linksys WRT-54Gv5 with WPA2 enabled from
> my ipw3945, wpa_supplicant goes into an infinite loop, connecting,
> claiming authentication times out, and reconnecting. The logs of iwevent
> and wpa_supplicant -d are attached. They'll hopefully be able to
> describe the incident far better then I can (although there really isn't
> too much more to say). Any feedback or ideas whatsoever would be greatly
> appreciated, I've been struggling with this one for a while. Thanks,
> - Ben
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