upgrading firmware

Dimitris Theoharis dtheoharis at gmail.com
Sun Mar 26 13:11:06 EST 2006

ok the test prism2_srec -v went fine so I thought I would procceed to
a permanent flash but now it gives me this error
whats going on?

Downloading to non-volatile memory (flash).
Note! This can take about 30 seconds. Do _not_ remove card during download.
Odd.. Download request for the kernel driver failed.
Are you sure you have compiled (and loaded the correct version of)
hostap.o module with PRISM2_DOWNLOAD_SUPPORT definition in
In addition, non-volatile download requires PRISM2_NON_VOLATILE_DOWNLOAD
to be defined.
ioctl[PRISM2_IOCTL_DOWNLOAD]: Operation not supported

Download failed!

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