WPA-Enterprise and hermes driver?

Tony Beville tbeville at intellidot.net
Fri Mar 24 00:53:45 EST 2006

Are many folks out there using the driver_hermes.c module?  I know it's 
not part of the current wpa_supplicant package, but there is an older 
version that is part of the agere driver for 2.4 kernel.   We had to 
forward-port that module to work with current wpa_supplicant, and have 
it working for several scenarios, including LEAP (non-WPA), and WPA-PSK.

I have been trying to get it work for  WPA with EAP, specifically LEAP, 
with some Cisco Aironet 1200s, but no luck.    I know I have the 
wpa_supplicant.conf correct, because testing on a laptop (2.6 kernel) 
with madwifi and ipw it works like a charm (Thanks to Jouni for helping 
on that!).  But our hermes device won't fly;  it fails on association.  
Sniffing the packets, it looks like the WPA info in the assoc request is 

We are using agere driver 7.20, on a 2.4 kernel. 

Anyone else out there using this hardware that can confirm the 
capabilities of this module, or of the driver?



tbeville (at) intellidot (dot) net

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