WPA Python Bindings

Reinhard Tartler siretart at tauware.de
Fri Mar 10 16:45:47 EST 2006

Jeremy Moles wrote:
> We are developing a PyGTK based GUI for our customers to finally,
> once-and-for-all, smash wireless issues.

I think this sounds very interesting. Does your project already has a
name? What usecases do you intend to support?

> I've written a sensible set of Python bindings for both libiw and
> wpa_supplicant, both of which are freely available to anyone who might
> be interested.
> pywpa --> http://downloads.emperorlinux.com/contrib/pywpa
> pyiw  --> http://downloads.emperorlinux.com/contrib/pyiw

I've taken a short glance at it, both look interesting. Just a side
note: You didn't specify under which licence your work is released.
Could you please fix that?

> (I chose not to simply devote time to improving NetworkManager--the
> other killer app--since it's written in C. Even though I'm a C
> programmer, you just don't get work done fast that way.)

NetworkManager focuses on easy roaming use cases, and gets quickly quite
inflexible when the network configuration gets more complex. Perhaps you
can do better with an implementation in python?


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