ndiswrapper/ wireless-tools, wpa_supplicant question

Christian Roessner christian at roessner-net.com
Sat Mar 4 08:08:14 EST 2006


I have spent many hours in trying to get my wifi card configured with
ndiswrapper, wireless-tools and wpa_supplicant.

I installed ndiswrapper 1.8 with CD drivers for the NetGear WG111v2
(Also tested version 1.9, 10.10, 1.11_rc and 1.2).

Also tested all versions available from wireless-tools (starting with
version 27 up to 28_pre14

At least wpa_supplicant versions 4.7, 4.8 and 5.1

I have a standard wpa_supplicant.conf like this:


If just doing an ifconfig wlan0 up and starting wpa_supplicant like

wpa_supplicant -iwlan0 -c/etc/wpa_supplicant.conf -w -Dndiswrapper -dd

I NEVER get an successfull association.

If using iwconfig wlan0 essid RNS2 and doing as quickly as possible the
wpa_supplicant comannd, I may be lucky and get the stuff done.

Then I can background the process and do my dhcpcd wlan0 stuff.

It seems that wpa_supplicant has some problems with the association
process. I do not know, if this is wpa_supplicant related or
ndiswrapper/wireless-tools. But because I can have success and even
changed the windows drivers from NetGear to RTL8187 on ndiswrapper, I
believe the root of these problems might be a bug in wpa_supplicant.
Maybe some timing problems??

See the attahced files please.

If you could help me with this, I would be really happy  ;-)



N.B.: I am running a stable Gentoo release. Everything was compiled with
CFLAGS="-O0 -march=i686"

Tel.: 0641-2097252, Mobil: 0171-3611230
PGP: http://www.roessner-net.com/0x6B929997.asc

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