weird behaivour with 40:00:40:11:b3:xx MAC directions

Javi Bustamante webo_ at
Thu Jan 19 11:04:27 EST 2006


I'm using hostapd and wpa_supplicant over wired driver. All goes fine but, 
sometimes, I see a weird behaivour. Sometimes, the machine that is running 
the hostapd sends IP messages with the BROWSER protocol to all the LAN 
(broadcast). This automatically makes the hostapd send an EAP request 
identity packet to a 40:00:40:11:b3:xx MAC direction which is answered by 
the wpa_supplicant which is running in another machine. Why does this 
happen? What direcction is 40:00:40:11:b3:xx? Why does wpa_supplicant reads 

Here is the ethereal capture:

source: destination: protocol: BROWSER info: Local 
Master Announcement DEBIAN
source: 00:02:3F:D1:81:39 destination: 40:00:40:11:b3:83 protocol: EAP info: 

(00:02:3F:D1:81:39 is the MAC of the machine).

The hostapd log is the next one:

Wireless event: cmd=0x8c03 len=20
Wireless event: Station registered: 40:00:40:11:ffffffb3:ffffff83Data frame 
from unknown STA 40:00:40:11:b3:83 - adding a new STA
  New STA
eth0: STA 40:00:40:11:b3:83 IEEE 802.1X: start authentication
EAP: State machine created
IEEE 802.1X: 40:00:40:11:b3:83 AUTH_PAE entering state INITIALIZE
IEEE 802.1X: 40:00:40:11:b3:83 BE_AUTH entering state INITIALIZE
IEEE 802.1X: 40:00:40:11:b3:83 REAUTH_TIMER entering state INITIALIZE
IEEE 802.1X: 40:00:40:11:b3:83 AUTH_KEY_TX entering state NO_KEY_TRANSMIT
IEEE 802.1X: 40:00:40:11:b3:83 KEY_RX entering state NO_KEY_RECEIVE
IEEE 802.1X: 40:00:40:11:b3:83 CTRL_DIR entering state IN_OR_BOTH

thanks in advance,


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