or does wpa_supplicant get it right? :-)

Holger Schurig hs4233 at mail.mn-solutions.de
Mon Jan 16 02:54:49 EST 2006

> (You're using the wpa_supplicant "hermes" driver; does the kernel hermes
> driver have support for wireless extensions?  If so, you may want to try
> the wpa_supplicant wext driver instead.  You probably need a fairly new
> kernel to get that, though.)

There is no kernel hermes driver. The driver from Agere that I use for my 
card, wl_lkm_718_release.tar.gz, is so ugly written that it will never be 
accepted into Linus' kernel.

My card doesn't work with orinoco_cs or hostap, so I have to use the 
wlags49_h2_cs driver from this ugly driver.

And wpa_supplicants driver_wext doesn't run with wlags49_h2_cs, so I have to 
use driver_hermes.

wpa_supplicant once had a driver_hermes.c (actually, the above mentioned file 
wl_lkm_718_release.tar.gz contains an ancient version of 
hostap/wpa_supplicant). But because it needed some kernel driver header there 
was a copyright problem, so it could not be included into wpa_supplicant. I 
wrote my own driver_hermes.c, with my own include file, based on 
driver_wext.c and driver_test.c that seems to work with my card. I wrote it 
orinally for wpa_supplicant 0.4.3, but adapted it last week to 0.4.7. I've 
attached it, it's GPL.

> Er, that should be "does the kernel hermes driver have support for *a
> new-enough version of* wireless extensions".  That may depend on whether
> you want to do WPA/WPA2, but it looks like you do want to, so I think it
> probably needs to support WE >=18 or so.

A little note: wlags49_h2_cs has a comment in the source that it only supports 
WPA, not WPA2. I haven't verified this yet.

I'm not sure if the kernel driver or driver_hermes support WE >= 18, how do I 
find out?
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