two wpa_supplicants over two virtual interfaces problem

Pedro Ramalhais ramalhais at
Tue Jan 10 13:25:14 EST 2006

Javi Bustamante wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a little problem with the wpa_supplicant. I have a computer with one 
> ethernet card and two virtual interfaces: eth0 and eth0:1. I have two 
> wpa_supplicant proccess running, one of them associated to the eth0 
> interface and the other to the eth0:1. I have done this in order to get 
> authenticated with two different hostapd proccess (to do this I have forced 
> the MAC address destination from the spanning-tree-address, to each hostapd 
> MAC address). The problem is that the messages which come from the hostapds 
> to the wpa_supplicants are read by both supplicants so the authentication 
> fails (All this is done over wired driver).
> Has anyone tried any similar configuration or has any idea on how to solve 
> this? Is there any way to asssign different MACs to virtual interfaces?
> Thanks in advance.
> Javier Bustamante.

What you are using is called "alias interfaces", and as far as i know
you can't have a different MAC adddress for them.
What i had tried some time ago, was cloning the interfaces and create
real "virtual interfaces", but i had some little problems and gave up.
I based the kernel module code on the 8021q driver and called it "veth".
I'd be happy to provide you (or anyone else for that matter) with the
code if you want it.

Pedro Ramalhais

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