No WPA/RSN Information Element for Station : Hostapd 0.4.7/0.5.1 madwifi-ng

Rafa Marin Lopez rafa at
Mon Feb 13 20:16:53 EST 2006

Hi all

I have tested new version 0.5.1 (supplicant and hostapd)

I have used wpa_supplicant 0.5.1 with madwifi-old and madwifi-ng

and hostapd-0.5.1 with madwifi-old and madwifi-ng

Hostapd-0.5.1 with madwifi-old all is fine.

However Hostapd-0.5.1 madwifi-ng always gives, No WPA/RSN Information 
Element for Station during association and then disassociate the station.

My kernel is for madwifi-ng and 2.6.10 for madwifi-old

has anybody tested this?


Rafael Marin Lopez
Faculty of Computer Science-University of Murcia
30071 Murcia - Spain
Telf: +34968367645    e-mail: rafa at

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