Fw: [Madwifi-users] X86_64 Issues

--[UxBoD]-- uxbod at splatnix.net
Mon Apr 17 16:16:46 EDT 2006

Okay, i have decided to go down the SVN route and not use Gentoo packages but compile from SVN/CVS source.  I have downloaded the latest release of
madwifi-ng and the wpa_supplicant. All has compiled fine and the modules loaded okay. When I run wpa_supplicant it finds the AP okay via a scan but
as soon as it tries to connect I get the following error :-

ioctl[IEEE80211_IOCTL_SETMLME]: Invalid argument

Any ideas ? have a done something really silly ?

Module                  Size  Used by
ieee80211_crypt_tkip    11776  0 
ieee80211_crypt_wep     6592  0 
ieee80211              30728  0 
ieee80211_crypt         7168  3 ieee80211_crypt_tkip,ieee80211_crypt_wep,ieee80211
wlan_wep                7744  0 
wlan_scan_sta          13888  1 
wlan_scan_ap            6528  0 
ath_pci                85232  0 
ath_rate_sample        12800  1 ath_pci
wlan                  171888  6 wlan_wep,wlan_scan_sta,wlan_scan_ap,ath_pci,ath_rate_sample
ath_hal               214768  3 ath_pci,ath_rate_sample

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