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Mon Apr 17 14:45:26 EDT 2006

Hi Guys,


We are trying to make some modifications to the hostAP code where we want to
use the functions atoi() and itoa() to perform integer to string conversion
(and vice-versa).  The problem is that we can't seem to include the stdlib.h
library (that contains these functions) in the code.  Attempts to do so
yield errors during compilation that say that the library is not found in
the specific path, or if we copy the library to the asm directory, then the
library is included, but there are compile errors that are found inside the
library.  So it is like a different stdlib.h library is needed?  So, once
again the question is how to include this library or any other library to be
able to perform string to integer conversion within the hostAP code.  


Thanks for any info.



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