Is there a driver for orinoco chipset who supports WPA?

Henri Zhang henri745 at
Thu Apr 6 12:17:25 EDT 2006

Hi all,

I use a Avaya gold wireless pcmcia card for my desktop in Linux, i wonder if
i can use
WPA with it in Linux.

Avaya gold wireless pcmcia card should have a orinoco chipset.
1. One driver, the famous orinoco_cs (even of new version),  does not
support WPA (WEP only).
2. Another driver from Agere,
support ONLY linux kernel 2.4 .
3. Other drivers, like wavelan2_cs, dead already.

1. So how can i use WPA with my Avaya gold wireless pcmcia card in linux 2.6
(not 2.4) ?
2. If impossible with WPA, can the driver orinoco_cs support 802.1x?  Here

"Pavel has integrated in v0.14 many previously external patches, such as as
support for Wireless Scanning and Wireless Events, support for Monitor mode
and support for 802.1x."
Is it true, Pavel?


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