wpa_supplicant 0.4.6 not working on ipw2200 with 2.6.14

Robert Hancock hancockr at shaw.ca
Tue Nov 15 00:09:36 EST 2005

Osho GG wrote:
> When you installed ieee80211, did you make sure that all previous 
> modules in /lib/modules/ were deleted. I found that they were not and 
> then it was not working. I had to manually do something like
> find /lib/modules/<kernel-version>/ -iname "*ieee80211*" -print
> For each of the files found in this manner. I deleted them and then do 
> make install in ieee80211-1.1.6.

Indeed that was it, thanks.. I suppose I should have noticed that error 
about ieee80211_crypt_tkip failing to load :-)

I think I will report that as a bug to the ipw2200/ieee80211 people 
though.. the "make install" for those should handle the case where there 
are already modules in /lib/modules. It seems that if you do "make 
install" it does nothing in that case. I had to copy the modules in 
manually but I must have messed something up the first time..

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