Very slow roaming or reassociation in WPA2 mode

Rob Vandermeulen rob.vandermeulen at
Sat Nov 12 11:52:42 EST 2005

I am still having problems roaming/reconnecting to our wireless network, which 
is very unpleasant since we are planning to run a few hundred citrix users 
(using an ipw2200 equiped laptop) over it (and citrix doesn't really love 
minute-long disconnects). Anyway, i did some more extensive testing and 
gathered the following. (logs 
are at the bottom)

The test setup -
1 Trapeze MX and 2 ("dump") AP's connected to it (this setup is fully WPA2 
compliant) - APs have mac ending in B9:80 and 17:80 (this one is located 
further from my test setup then the first one). 

I can connect fine with wpa_supplicant (0.4.6 version, ipw-1.0.8, ieee-1.1.6, 
fw 2.4, kernel 2.6.13 ) using wext, and the card connects fine to the 17:80 
AP (although the other one is much closer, a few meters from the test setup). 
Everything is fine, an then i disable the 17:80 radio. wpa_supplicants 
detects this very fast, and start to reassociate. This works, but takes 
somewhere between 30s-1minute. It first has to try a few times to 
reassociate, and when that works it just "hangs" while trying to reassociate 
somewhere in the process... and the citrix session is long lost by the time 
it comes through.

This behavior also seems to happen after a few hours connect time (without me 
disabling an AP's radio), mostly after +- 4 or 8 hours according to the 
reports i got from the testusers.

Logs are here (on a deflate enabled webserver)

Kind regards
Rob Vandermeulen

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