Bridge delay.

roby roby at
Tue May 31 07:51:28 EDT 2005


 I'm doing some performance test on my WLAN. I'm using WPA with EAP/TLS 
authentication sistem. The network is composed of three linux box, 1 
authentication server and 2 access points. All these works fine. 

 At this time I am testing handover delay with VoIP application. The total 
delay time is around 1.07 Sec, but if I analyze the traffic I can see that 
the reauthentication process take just 0.5 sec of the total time. Infact at 
the end of the authentication the access point wait a time between 0.4 and 
0.6 sec to start to forward the traffic. I already check the STP settings, 
and they are fine. I suppose this is a problem of hostap, maybe something 
related with the "Michael" algoritm... 

 I'need to know if I have to modify something in hostap, probably Malinen is 
the best person that can give me suggestion... or if my conjecture is wrong 
please tell me why there are 0.5 seconds of delay before AP starts to 
forward traffic, and how can solve this problem. 

Thank a lot for your help


Maybe Malynen can help me, 

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