[PATCH] elektrified wpa_supplicant

Pedro Ramalhais ramalhais at serrado.net
Tue May 31 03:27:08 EDT 2005

If anyone is interested in testing this, i just finished converting 
wpa_supplicant to use libkdb (elektra.sf.net):

Apply to hostap source with -p1 or to wpa_supplicant source with -p2
Run wpa_supplicant once with -c CONFIG_FILE so that it converts the conf 
to kdb, and after that if you run it without -c CONFIG_FILE it will use 
libkdb to get the config.
This will probably help with creating graphical(or other kinds of) 
wireless profile managers and wpa_supplicant config editor.
Now you just have to wait for someone to write a libkdb config editor 
for wireless profiles and wpa_supplicant =:-) (or edit manually).

I added a config_version key to both the wireless and wpa_supplicant 
configuration roots so that we can check which type of data/keys they 
were created. If in the future the config changes to an incompatible 
way, we can check the version.
Also added a bssid->profile_name string which holds a more meaningful 
name than the id number. This would be nice for selecting the profile 
based on the name rather than on the id. Right now i just fill it with 
the profile name read from libkdb.
Profiles converted from the config file are named profileID where ID is 
the network id number.

On a side note, libkdb can be used to listen for key changes. It would 
be very nice if wpa_supplicant could detect these changes and 
reassociate if needed with the new data.

Hope this helps creating a configuration editor for 
wpa_supplicant/wireless profiles.
Pedro Ramalhais

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