help! wpa_supplicant with WEP never associates, just timeout-loops

David P. Reed dpreed at
Mon May 30 17:08:35 EDT 2005

I have a fairly vanilla system: FC3, madwifi running pretty standard on 
a Compaq Evo N610c.   ath0 associates just fine without wpa_supplicant 
with an access point using WEP shared keys and ifup, specifying the 
proper key.

I cannot get wpa_supplicant to associate, however.    It finds the 
access point and tries to associate, but times out and loops retrying.   
Here is the output from wpa_supplicant 4.1 (3.8 does the same thing), 
followed by my network block.   (the same thing also happens on my 
x86_64 laptop with both ndiswrapper and  madwifi).

Please help with some suggestions for what to look at, I've looked at 
zillions of things, including coding a really long (60 sec) timeout!  
I'm hardly a newbie to computing or Linux, but I'm a complete newbie to 
wpa_supplicant, and this is just frustrating.  I really want to shift my 
setup to wpa rather than WEP, but this doesn't give me much confidence 
that wpa_supplicant will work for me.

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