hostap, wpa_supplicant and wifi pcmcia cards

and hansen and0806 at
Wed May 25 13:02:43 EDT 2005

Hi Stéphane

Im sorry that i first saw you messages now, but
i have a fight with madwifi and hostapd
I'm all most about to give up, see threads

psk AUTHENTICATED but no connection
EAPOL-Key timeout s in 1/4 msg of 4-Way Handshake
Re:  EAPOL-Key timeout s in 1/4 msg of 4-Way Handshake

madwifi and wpa_supplicant is working
but madwifi and hostapd seems broken
at the present moment
my atheros cards is allnet 0281 and 0282
they use the ar5212 chip, so you can hope that
that yours is ar5210 or ar5211
I can't get ar5212 to play with madwifi and hostapd
I have tested more than a week now :(
then one can try the prism54, but I just switched from
from the prism54 because my card died on me
and its almost impossible to find a card that
uses the prism54 chipset, for some reason the
don't say what kind of chip they uses, and they switch
chipsets but not the name f.eks. SMC2835W. exists in
3-4 different versions, but that seems different with
the atheros based cards, here manufactures say its a
atheros based card, don`t ask why.
I hope you will have success in your testings, and if
you do, then post a detailed explanation ;)

Regards Lasse

>warm thanks to Tilman and thomas for your help.
>I selected both the netgear WAG511 and the 3com
3CRPAG175. They should 
>use atheros chipset - to be verified on the card -
and are known to 
>work with madwifi and hostap.
>Moreover they can be bought easily in Europe.
>Does anyone know what is the reason for the twice
higher price of the 3 
>com in regard of the netgear's ?
>Even if their is a 2Dbm gap between their
transmission power I do not 
>see any big diference.

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