A question about "retry" item in iwconfig

Youngkyu Choi ykchoi at mwnl.snu.ac.kr
Mon May 23 08:35:00 EDT 2005

Hi, all.
I'm playing with madwifi based on FC3. My PCICIA card's chipset is Atheros
5212 model.
BTW, it is questionable what the 'retry' item means exactly. My console
shows "Retry:off" when I commanded iwconfig.
At first, I misunderstood the current MAC state did not support the
retransmission of the frame. However, I realized that the MAC retransmission
still worked through inserting 'printk' to the place, where the retry field
of the MAC frame header is masked.
In my thought, "Retry: off" means that iwconfig utility families including
'iwpriv' does not allow controlling the retransmission functionality, isn't
it? If my guess is not true, please let me know this clearer. Otherwise, the
display from iwconfig would be rather modified to show the appropriate
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