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Jouni Malinen jkmaline at cc.hut.fi
Sun May 22 00:14:12 EDT 2005

On Thu, May 19, 2005 at 05:59:11AM -0400, alfred hitch wrote:

> The header file which had structure defintion for wpa_even_data, 
> mentions that
> req_ie, resp_ie
> becaon_ie,  are all optional ..

req_ies and resp_ies are optional, if driver is not generating its own
IE for AssocReq. beacon_ies is optional if getting these from scan
results is supported. If both cases apply, EVENT_ASSOCINFO itself is

> But, in this function code, I see that  we are free'ing any data which
> wud have been part of wpa_s , without checking that the driver while
> passing this event filled in the correct i.e's or not ..

I'm not sure what you refering to with "this function" or "part of
wpa_s". Actually, I'm not sure I understood anything from this

> infact mapping it with drover_broadcom.c
> I see that assoc info driver gives to this funciton is copied into
> "resp"_ie while wpa_supplicant_asocinfo function is using p =
> data->asoc_info.req_ies .

Don't look at driver_broadcom.c for this example.. It is not doing what
it is supposed to be.. The driver interface code is supposed to provide
req_ies from the AssocReq. resp_ies are not really used.

> This indicates usage of req_ies, which has like not even been
> populated in driver ?

wpa_supplicant_associnfo() uses req_ies only if it is set.

> same for beacon frames , driver doesnt passes and we are free'ing and
> memcpy'ing ..

Again, I do not understand what you are refering to with "free'ing and
memcpy'ing" in this context. beacon_ies is used only if it is set.

> Also, if I could ask, of all these 3 (optional ?) ie's which one will
> be needed defintely ..

wpa_supplicant needs to get WPA/RSN IE from Beacon/Probe Response frames
(i.e., the one generated by the AP) and WPA/RSN IE from (Re)AssocReq. It
does not matter how these are coming (i.e., either from EVENT_ASSOCINFO
or from wpa_supplicant setting the IE itself and from scan results).

> in wpa_s
> ap_wpa_ie refers to AP's beacon / resp_ie .. 
> ap_rsn_ie .. for RSN case, same meaning as above
> assoc_wpa_ie, .. what we just sent in association request ?? req_ie 

Yes, this is correct except for resp_ie comment; AP does not include
WPA/RSN IE in AssocResp, they come are from either Beacon or Probe
Response frames.

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