CVS: WPA/WPA2 WPA-PSK/TLS TKIP/CCMP... full success with xp sp2 supplicant and wpa suppl clients, BIG THX :)

thomas schorpp t.schorpp at
Fri May 20 20:58:21 EDT 2005

thomas schorpp wrote:
> Jouni Malinen wrote:
>>On Thu, May 19, 2005 at 04:09:33AM +0200, thomas schorpp wrote:
>>>softwares: hostapd 0.3.6...CVS, client: dlink supplicant on win98 or
>>>wpasupplicant 0.3.8-1 debian on linux, madwifi cvs on both.
>>Which version of madwifi cvs are you using? The CVS trunk does not seem
>>to work with hostapd, but I was able to use the snapshot version from
>>'BSD' branch with hostapd couple of weeks ago.
> yes, verified, authentication to hostapd with wpa-psk set in supplicant
> on clientis possible with madwifi bsd branch now :)
> but one stone left with wpa-eap, see below.
> nice thanks.
> BTW:
> 1. compile madwifi with make (install) KERNELRELEASE=2.6.x-m-nnn on
> debian with debian distri kernels, or the modules get outside the
> lib/modules tree in 2.6.x... enhancement in makefile needed.
> 2. debugged "Hostapd segmentation fault". dont forget to setup madwifi
> in .config correctly before build or hostapd will access driver
> "default" at startup instead of madwifi, leading to access violation due
> to invalid pointer... sorry, lost the gdb output.

OK, got cvs hostapd and supplicants working great RSN/WPA EAP-TLS with
certificates using madwifis cvs bsd branch even at g speeds at 54M.
100M superG speeds not tested yet...

hostapd runs fine on a netgear wg311T (311 has no longer atheros
chipsets in newer rev. so no master mode drivers support yet, needed to
build accesspoints)

windows xp client runs on a belkin F5D7001 using xp sp2 supplicant, note
that the lastest belkin utility did NOT work with wpa-tls! some issue
with the user name, no trackable reports.

neither did windows98se dlink DWL-G650 software in any wifi mode (maybe
due to lack of strong encryption support on this platform).
the windows build of wpasupplicant didnt startup either, reports "device
name mismatch (8!=0)".

so i suggest you using xp2 supplicant and not card deliverer utils on
win. 10 cudo points to ms ;)
the workaround=1 in hostapd.conf needs not to be set so far.

and 100 to the hostap engineers, big thanks for your great product!
its a little hard to set it up, but then... :)

i'll implement certificate crl (cert revokation list) support next days,
if its not done already by libopenssl internally...


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