Release candidate for the next stable release (0.3.9-rc1)

Jouni Malinen jkmaline at
Wed May 18 23:56:52 EDT 2005

Finally, I managed to go through the fixes in the development branch
and merge the ones that apply to 0.3.x into the stable branch. I was
hoping to get v0.3.9 released earlier, but didn't have suitable time
for this before. Anyway, a release candidate for the next stable
release is now available at

I would hope to release this after about a week or so of testing. In
addition to the testing I can do, it would be useful if you would be
able to test whether this version has introduced any regression and
report any problems to the Host AP mailing list.

Here's a list of changes from the previous stable release:

* fixed background scans (iwlist wlan0 scan) not to break data
  connection when in host_roaming 2 mode (e.g., when using
* fixed beacon frame when moving from monitor mode to master mode
  (workaround for firmware bug that left IBSS IE in the Beacon frames)

* modified the EAP workaround that accepts EAP-Success with incorrect
  Identifier to be even less strict about verification in order to
  interoperate with some authentication servers
* fixed RSN IE in 4-Way Handshake message 2/4 for the case where
  Authenticator rejects PMKSA caching attempt and the driver is not
  using assoc_info events
* fixed a possible double free in EAP-TTLS fast-reauthentication when
  identity or password is entered through control interface
* added -P<pid file> argument for wpa_supplicant to write the current
  process id into a file
* driver_madwifi: fixed association in plaintext mode
* driver_madwifi: added preliminary support for compiling against 'BSD'
  branch of madwifi CVS tree

* fixed a bug which caused some RSN pre-authentication cases to use
  freed memory and potentially crash hostapd
* fixed private key loading for cases where passphrase is not set
* fixed WPA2 to add PMKSA cache entry when using integrated EAP
* driver_madwifi: fixed pairwise key removal to allow WPA reauth
  without disassociation
* fixed RADIUS attribute Class processing to only use Access-Accept
  packets to update Class; previously, other RADIUS authentication
  packets could have cleared Class attribute
* fixed PMKSA caching (EAP authentication was not skipped correctly
  with the new state machine changes from IEEE 802.1X draft)

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