porting to world radio chips from conexant

alfred hitch alfred.hitch at gmail.com
Mon May 16 05:39:59 EDT 2005

Hi All,

I intend to port the wpa supplicant to conexant workd radio chips.
I have just started going thru the code and documentation, some
questions as of now if someone could help me with.

1) Has anyone already done this porting (I didnt see it mentioned in
the ported chipset list) ? anyone willing to share experience (if not
code) on same..

2) The current driver we have doesnt supports wireless extensions, so
I also intend to leave the driver that ways and map the stuff in wpa
supplicant driver file. README mentions that wireless extensions
support is optional, and I am inclined to believe so (for my good) 
-;) .
Anyone conform that there are no hidden surprises / pitfalls in not
using wireless extension calls ?

3) I could see api's for setting keys and other ie,.capability etc ..
from supplicant to driver,
but I some how missed where / how does the authentication /
association time handshake messages flow from driver to supplicant,
what all messages from driver I need to provide to supplicant ??

Please bear with me for some time as I am just starting and so some
questions might be a little dumb / beginner -;)


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