problem starting wpa with ipw2200 from init script

Andreas Fehr andreas at
Sun May 15 13:38:47 EDT 2005


is it possible to search the mailing archive? I don't know whether 
somebody else run into my problem and solved it already.

wpa_supplicant works with my Fujitsu-Siemens P7020 if I start 
wpa_supplicant once the computer has booted. 

I don't get wpa_supplicant running if I run the same wpa_supplicant 
script during bootup of the computer. Sound strange to me.

My boot sequence is as follows:

1) start network script
2) run iwconfig
3) start wpa (with -w)
4) turn on my ipw2200 card (with the switch on the notebook)

I have no connection now

5) start the same wpa script again

Now, I have some connection to my network

Is -w the correct parameter for wpa_supplicant with this boot sequence? 
What might be wrong here?

If somebody has some information, I'll be glad for any pointer in the 
right direction.


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