promiscuous mode only, using hostAP.

Andrea G Forte andreaf at
Thu May 12 14:24:10 EDT 2005

Hi all,

I am writing a small sniffer with hostAP as wireless driver. My problem 
is that it seems that putting the interface wlan0 in promiscuous mode is 
not enough for sniffing packets. Do I have to put it the card in monitor 
mode as well? I know the wireless medium is half duplex, does this mean 
that promiscuous mode only won't work? Or is this a driver issue?
BTW when I set the flag for promiscuous mode I see the message in dmesg 
saying that the card entered promiscuous mode.
My firmware versions are:
NIC: v1.0.0
PRI: v1.1.1
STA: v1.7.4
I have seen other people posting about the same problem but they never 
got a response. Hopefully this time someone will have a solution! :)

Thank you,

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