rekeying bug in hostapd 0.4.3 cvs ?

Beat Meier bmeier at
Wed Jun 29 20:07:34 EDT 2005

and hansen schrieb:

>Now its working perfect...
>i don´t know why, when or what
>this problem comes from, but
>its gone now ;-)
Thats the problem.
I've noticed the same in version 0.4.1 (if I remember right) and this 
very rarely in my case with WPA-PSK ...

What could be the problem. That's the question!!
This stuff is realy hard to find , debug etc.


>--- and hansen wrote:
>>After updating to hostapd 0.4.3 cvs 29/6
>>I'v got a rekeying problem
>>I can successfully connect with both
>>wpa_supplicant and winxp supplicant
>>0 assocciation ok
>>1 rekeying ok
>>2 rekeying not ok
>>wpa_supplicant says its authenticated
>>but I can't ping the ap node after
>>2ed rekeying
>>is it a nightly bug, or is it me that
>>mess it all up ?
>>the problem exists in all wpa modes
>>psk and eap * wpa and rsn
>>after restarting the supplicant im able to connect
>>again, until 2ed rekeying.
>>I am using madwifi-bsd cvs 28/6 with AR5212
>>Best Regards
>>Lasse Jensen
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