wpa supplicant porting

alfred hitch alfred.hitch at gmail.com
Thu Jun 9 06:58:52 EDT 2005

eureka eureka -;))


ok finally I could figure out  . 

I didnt had proto=WPA hardcoded and so things were reaching / hitting
RSN pieces of supplicant code.

Can someone explain, why is this so necessary, and how come no step of
tls  failed, neither did 4 way handhake (atleast  with my own
company's AP) ..
at what stage / or is it also, ever exchanged that this is WPA and not
RSN intended

2) documentation for supplicant says all over that proto field will
default to RSN WPA ..so how does it works, how does it switches blah
blah ..

anyways, finally it worked and I am happy enough to have a round of beer(s) 


On 6/9/05, alfred hitch <alfred.hitch at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Jouni / All,
> I have been trying to add connexant world radio wlan card integrated
> with supplicant.
> I have got WPA-PSK working and it looks stable. No major issues faced.
> I shall be releasing the code soon in another week or so .. once I get
> past this problem ..
> Problem:
> I am now trying to get WPA-RADIUS (PEAP) working and have gone crazy
> on this now .
> SSL handshake is passing thru fine, but when code hits 4 way key handshake,
> its failing at step 2/4 , I believe for MIC failures.
> and I am clueless on what it could be.
> Dumps from supplicant and radius show that the PMK on both sides is same.
> and was being sent from radius to AP.
> 1) This is of course h/w / driver independent and its just user plane
> process talking, at this stage.
> 2) ofcourse username and password on both radius and supplicant are
> same. else tls wouldnt have passed also right ??
> I have no idea why AP is dropping supplicant packets now .. all 2nd of
> 4 way messages from client to AP are being dropped. so state machine
> isnt going further ahead.
> Any ideas ? Any suggestions ?
> Is there any configuration I could be doing wrong, as I dont see how
> this is a driver issue, no api for drivers have been called in this
> process (and shouldnt be also way I understand .. )
> This has been a wall to me for last 4 days now -;(
> Set up: RADIUS -> freeradius, PEAP,
> sending along the radius dumps and supplicant traces.
> any help in this is really really appreciated -:))
> Cheers,
> Alfred

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