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Fri Dec 30 11:08:33 EST 2005

On Friday 30 December 2005 15:44, Holger Schurig wrote:
> > So do I need to do more to add back the flash upgrade than just enable
> > this #define. Is there function missing?  If so is there a plan to
> > include this functionality in the mainstream kernel version of hostap?
> No, you don't need to manually edit #define's.
> For the out-of-the-kernel hostap driver, you did this. But now as the
> driver is in the kernel, you use the normal kernel configuration tool:
> simply do "make menuconfig" or "make xconfig" and turn the option on. Then
> recompile and reinstall the usual way. There are many many web pages about
> this compile-your-own-kernel approach, surely you'll find one.
> If you prefer to install pre-packaged already-compiled kernels, then your
> vendor (in this case the Debian Project) should have enabled this kernel
> configuration. If they didn't, then please file a bug.
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Well I am confused.  As I read the code without this #define the flash 
download function will not be included, and it would appear that the
stock Debian kernel does not have this function.  As was pointed
out elsewhere in this thread the flash download is not in the driver.

        bool "Support downloading firmware images with Host AP driver"
        depends on HOSTAP
        Configure Host AP driver to include support for firmware image
        download. Current version supports only downloading to volatile, i.e.,
        RAM memory. Flash upgrade is not yet supported.

Flash upgrade certainly was supported by the out of kernel module, what
I am trying to understand is why it is not in the in kernel module.

I am quite happy to build my own kernel (but I would rather use a stock one
if I can) and have done so many times before.  But if the text in config
HOSTAP_FIRMWARE is right, building my own is not going to solve the problem.


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