Holger Schurig hs4233 at
Fri Dec 30 10:44:32 EST 2005

> So do I need to do more to add back the flash upgrade than just enable this
> #define. Is there function missing?  If so is there a plan to include this
> functionality in the mainstream kernel version of hostap?

No, you don't need to manually edit #define's.

For the out-of-the-kernel hostap driver, you did this. But now as the driver 
is in the kernel, you use the normal kernel configuration tool: simply do 
"make menuconfig" or "make xconfig" and turn the option on. Then recompile 
and reinstall the usual way. There are many many web pages about this 
compile-your-own-kernel approach, surely you'll find one.

If you prefer to install pre-packaged already-compiled kernels, then your 
vendor (in this case the Debian Project) should have enabled this kernel 
configuration. If they didn't, then please file a bug.

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