wpa_cli event handling

Martin Samuelsson hostap at cos.user.lysator.liu.se
Thu Dec 22 21:12:20 EST 2005

Roy Marples @ 2005-12-22 (Thursday), 15:11 (+0000)
> Gentoo init scripts configure the interface for the SSID connected to, so it 
> could be dhcp or it could be static. You can even configure dns, ntp or NIS 
> differently per SSID. You can even run SSID speific scripts if you need to.
> I know as I wrote that part of Gentoo ;)
> I don't know if any other distro supports similar configuration possibilities 
> yet. I think that NetworkManager can do similar, but I've never gotten it not 
> to segfault.

In Debian it is possible to define logical interfaces that are just as
configurable as ordinary interfaces (/etc/network/interfaces). Only
imagination limits what could be done. Bringing up physical interface
eth0 using the logical interface someplace is as simple as:

	ifup eth0=someplace

This would be close to off topic, if it weren't for that I submitted a
patch to the Debian BTS a few hours ago glueing wpa_supplicant together
with network configuration.

Debian users, please have a look at http://bugs.debian.org/287223 if you
feel like reviewing and improving it.

What the glue does is using wpa_cli and a simple action script to up and
down interfaces according to their configuration. If any logical
interface matched the BSSID or the SSID of the associated network is
configured, it is used. If no such special logical interface exists, but
the interface itself exists, the interface is simply up:ed. Nothing is
done otherwise (of course).

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