wpa_cli event handling

Paul Fox pgf at brightstareng.com
Thu Dec 22 10:28:35 EST 2005

 > > place.  :-)  ("iwgetid -r" would work nicely too, if you have it.)
 > No guarantee that wireless-tools is installed .....

right.  "if you have it."

 > > except that those examples both assume that the interface is
 > > always configured via DHCP, correct?  that's often not the case --
 > > if i need to configure a static IP on some networks, i need to
 > Gentoo init scripts configure the interface for the SSID connected to, so it
 > could be dhcp or it could be static. You can even configure dns, ntp or NIS
 > differently per SSID. You can even run SSID speific scripts if you need to.

i see.  sounds like gentoo's configs are pretty different that
the debian or redhat configs i've looked at.

 > I think that NetworkManager can do similar, but I've never gotten it not
 > to segfault.

as of a month or two ago, the notion of non-dhcp configuration was
still being discussed as a new feature on the networkmanager list.

thanks again...

 paul fox, pgf at brightstareng.com

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