WPA2-PSK with madwifi under Debian Linux

Dick Middleton dick at lingbrae.com
Fri Dec 16 09:58:06 EST 2005

Bob Alexander wrote:

> I have an AP at home (ZyXEL G560) which is configured with WPA2-PSK. 
> Under Windows XP (with a patch) my Thinkpad T42 with an atheros based 
> wifi b/g card works very well.
> Under Linux (Kanotix which is derived from Debian unstable) with 
> wpa_supplicant I get associated but after a few seconds get disconnected 
> with a neverending cycle of searching, 4way handshakes etc etc (I a 
> using the atheros madwifi driver).
> Is this a known problem ? I googled A LOT without finding anything 
> specific about WPA2, madwifi and wpa_supplicant.
> To debug I could provide the wpa_supplicant config, the wpa_supplicant 
> command and the resulting (approx 150 lines) debug output.

I have the same problem with madwifi-ng.  It associated, does the dhcp 
thing and after a few seconds tears it all down and starts again.

I found that if I only have one network clause and set ap_scan=2 and 
ssid_scan=1 then I can get it to work.

This is with WEP.  I can't get WPA-PSK to work at all.  Lots of 
"operation not supported" messages.


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