LANman integration

Zeeshan Ali zeenix at
Fri Dec 16 07:35:08 EST 2005

  An year ago i did a 'closed-source' project for a company. Here is
some documentation on it: Now i want to
open-source the project, but that is not so straight. Here are the

1. The kernel module was writen for kernel 2.4 and must be ported for 2.6.

2. Since the software was to be sold in a box, the user-space
applications were not designed/written for 'generic' use. Therefore
most of the user-space must be re-written.  I wonder if the user-space
tools (which are responsible for authentication and stuff) can be
mered with host-app. Is host-app modular and can anyone guide me on
how i should move on this front. I am totaly newbie to host-app (and
wifi itself as well).


Zeeshan Ali

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