bridge_packets 0 and bridge

Karel Rericha karel at
Fri May 28 05:06:12 EDT 2004

this is not directly related to hostap, but someone might help. I want 
to shape traffic
between wireless clients using htb qdisc and "bridge_packets 0".

I have br0 between two local interfaces eth0 and wlan0 on Mandrake 10.0 
with 2.6.3-4 kernel and hostap 0.2.0. In shorewall's "interfaces" file I 
have specified
"routeback" option, to enable traffic between eth0 and wlan0:

loc   br0   detect   maclist,routeback

When I use

iwpriv wlan0 bridge_packets 0

all traffic between wlan0 clients disappear. I looks like "routeback" is 
routing only between
different interfaces, and not from wlan0 back to wlan0.

I'm no expert in routing and I'm sure there is something missing out 
there. But google
gives only very little info on bridge_packets. I'm pretty sure that with 
ebtables and
bridge-nf equipped kernel there should be solution, but so far I found 
only this one:
    - there is Jouni involved, solution from Jiri, but probably no 
broadcast (if I understand it well)

Anyone any idea ? Thanks alot in advance.


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