Operation mode of prism firmware.

João Pedro Oliveira jpaos at netcabo.pt
Thu May 20 12:02:06 EDT 2004


I am looking for some answers regarding hostap and 802.11. If anyone
could help I would apreciate.

1) Is it possible for a card in station mode to send mac frames to an AP
and still be able to receive adhoc frames? i.e., is it possible somehow
to have a card communicating to an AP and an adhoc station?

2) If 1) is not possible, does anyone knows if one frame we construct in
adhoc mode for one AP, i.e., with the mac address 3 with the ssid of the
AP, is interpreted by the AP? Assuming that we put the mac address of
the station as an associated station in the AP?

Thanks in advance,

João Oliveira.

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