Association Protocol Supported Rates

Anand S. Katti askatti at
Wed May 19 01:03:21 EDT 2004

Hello All,

> 	How does the client and AP initially aggree on a rate ? after
> exchanging supported rates in the Association Request and Association
> Response ? What rate do they settle on for transaction ?

To check this. I conducted few experiments by setting AUTORATE SELECTION
in the client, then the observed the Probe requests, responses from the
AP, Asso Req and Asso Res from the AP, the supported rates field remains
the same in all the above packets. The supported rates field lists
1,2,5,5 and 11Mbps.

Now I fixed the rate to 5.5 Mbps at the client side and then observed the
Probe req,res, Asso REq and Asso res. Then i observed the above packets
for the supported rates. The probe req contained 5.5 Mbps in
supported rates field since i forced it. But no Asso Req went from the
client side.

Could any of you please solve this or tell me how this supported rates
field is used in all those management frames ?

Thanking you,

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