trying to configure a DWL-500

Roberto De Leo deleo at
Tue May 18 16:39:19 EDT 2004

Hi Pavel,

> I spent a whole day trying to configure correctly my DWL-500 card 
> under Linux (Slackware 9.1) but still something is not working, is 
> someone out there using this card successfully?
> I haven't used this card, but there are some success stories on the 
> web, for instance here:

yes, I know

> Have you searched the web?


>   Have you tried "irq_mode=0" already?

sure, since the beginning I've been using that option plus some other I 
found around, e.g. "pci_csc=0" and booting with  "pci=biosirq", but 
nothing really helped.

> You have interrupt problems.

indeed I guessed so, in the PC where everything works fine the card has 
been given IRQ 5 and no problem ever showed up, here for some reason I 
get IRQ 19 and this odd behaviour. Probably the MB has some quirk? It is 
a dual CPU MB, maybe this collides somehow with the Ricoh card?

>   Use "irq_mode=0" as argument for "i82365" module.

the log I reported was obtained using that option and that module  :-(


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