PCI ADAPTER: pcd-rp-101CS

Pavel Roskin proski at gnu.org
Thu May 13 18:50:46 EDT 2004

On Thu, 13 May 2004, gaurav dawra wrote:

> well i read the README file and some of the posting from the pavel
> roskin , which were useful for me to understand the drivers needed to
> make PCI adapter working. I still have some questions. I am using
> pcd-rp-101cs adapter from carry USA.com and trying it to work under
> linux 2.4.20 version.  The problem i have facing is that i compiled
> hostap-driver-0.2.1 and made the make file which gave me modules
> hostap.o and hostap_cs.o , i loaded both modules and i can see them
> using "lsmod" command. I restart pccmia serivice it starts without any
> thing printed on screen. NOT EVEN SAY THAT PCMCIA SERVICE STARTING( Some
> problem here or not) . But when i try to do "cardctl ident" it says that
> no pcmcia driver in /proc/device, what does that mean.  There is no
> iwconfig, i also restarted the linux . Also to mention that i tried the
> same procedure with hostap-0.0.4.tar.gz but it made three modules
> hostap.o, hostap_crypt.o and hostap_cs.o . Can someone please suggest
> wht am i doing wrong here. This is kind of important as i am struck in
> my project.

I believe pcd-rp-101cs uses Ricoh chipset.  If using Linux PCMCIA, make
sure you have "yenta_socket" and "ds" modules loaded or you have PCMCIA
and CardBus support linked into the kernel.  If using pcmcia-cs drivers,
you need "i82365" and "ds" modules.  See kernel log (shown by "dmesg") to
make sure the card was found.

Then run "cardmgr" program.  It should load hostap_cs and its dependencies
automatically.  If it doesn't, check files under /etc/pcmcia and see
/var/log/messages.  cardmgr may be trying to load another driver.

You mentioned that you "restart pcmcia service".  This is distribution
specific and it's something you should try once you can do everything
manually.  In case on Red Hat, see /etc/sysconfig/pcmcia file.  PCIC
should be set to the appropriate driver.

If you need better help, give more details and quote error messages

Pavel Roskin

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